Performance-Based Products,
Perfected Production


We offer innovative products and features designed to enhance brand recognition and product experience. Crafted from premium materials, our products come from reliable sources, leaving no room for leakage or voids.

EverDry™ Technology

As the premiere provider of adult incontinence pads, Griffin Care utilizes a proprietary EverDry™ Core technology that’s fabricated with diamond quilting for maximum absorbency to lock in liquid, prevent spread, and wick moisture to keep you feeling dry. With our premium offerings, patients and their caregivers can rely on extra soft, plush comfort and multi-layered fabric for fortified strength—even when the pad needs to be repositioned. Griffin Care has the technology to customize your order according to size, absorbency, look, and feel.


Pet care

Premium details by design

Griffin Care puppy pads are designed to be safe for pets, protect floors, and provide an odor-free, easy-disposal solution to house training. Griffin Care puppy pads feature the signature Double Diamond quilting for which we are renowned. Designed with our unique absorbency technology, pads wick liquid away from the body and disperse wetness, so your dog (and floors) stays dry. As experts in developing, manufacturing, and customizing pet pads to accommodate market demands and fulfill consumer needs, our products can be tailored according to scent, pheromones, absorbency, and package counts.

Born from necessity, committed to
long-term production

The latest product in our lineup was born from necessity—and an urgent call to action. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were compelled to do our part. By utilizing the same manufacturing process and raw materials as our incontinence pads, we produced performance face masks to help the local community, hospital workers, and first responders alike. Griffin Care Surgical Grade Masks are crafted with soft, 3-ply pleated fabric engineered to filter out bacteria and sub-micron particles, allowing only healthy air in. Soft elastic ear loops and an adjustable nose piece ensure comfort, wearability, and security—all manufactured here in the USA.


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